Friday, January 1, 2016

I Have Chosen this Company as My Main Offering for 2016




A Little Bit About Me...

I am a would be Poet, I have an alter Ego and we are self publishing our written works of short stories, writes, and poetry. 

While increasing our portions from this treasured laden land of wires, bits, and bites. Known as the secrete world of the WORLD WIDE WEB. 

We have a website and we offer our help to others who are looking to Earn as they Learn and wanting to Grow as they Go! 

Traffic Authority is our Latest Income Builder or Passive Income Stream. Somebody Come and Play! You wont be sorry that you did. But you might if you don't.

My Newest Website/ Blog Is a website and It is Hosted by It is about Affiliate Marketing.

Discussions on: Passive Income Streams, Hints & Tips, Adsense, Affiliates, MLM Marketing, Poetry, Self Publishing, Content Writing, and much more will be coming. As we continue to grow ourselves. 
I am inviting you to Stop on by and Check out our new website!

I have Other Blogs and Stuff plus much, much more info to be had. Like Us? Tell a friend! Book Mark Us! And don't forget to Feed your needs with the RSS feed!

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Thank you.

 Donnie/ Sinbad the Sailor Man

  This Company is My Main Offering to All Who Cross My Path in 2016

Why I Do This...

Well for one I feel there is a great need for this type of Service. Not to mention all of Its other Helpful Tools and Education.
I know that our products are needed and by everyone of us  trying to Build our Online Businesses. And I believe that most of us would benefit from the buying of the Top Tier North American Traffic.
Our Program offers that Top Tier North American Traffic No more useless clicks these are real leads. After all this Model [MLM and Direct Marketing Online] is becoming the Marketing model of the 21st Century. 

Well for me it has always been about the customer. By giving them the best stuff that I can give. And at this moment in time Traffic Authority is It! Everybody Needs and Wants Quality Traffic!
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Here is a real chance to partner with this New Direct Marketing Company and all of Its opportunities. Well for me this was a no brainier. 

The Learning Experience and the business connections alone are well worth the doing!

So I chose to become a partner from day one, but after the first few days of using this amazing system. I was amazed at the leads and clicks that I received. 
The Income earning side is a Plus or bonus for me. As I have been on a limited and fixed income for the last decade; do to severe back troubles. But I am Using It Solely to Build or rebuild my Email Lists. And this is what they suggest you do anyway!

After listening to their plans for the future. I was fully committed! Because I understand That TRAFFIC is KING! But I also Learned that the List is useless without a relationship with your lists. Something I learned Listening to the Back office Courses.

The Man Inside the Man
Sinbad the Sailor Man
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